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Nepantla is a Nahuatl word used for the borderlands and in Chicano studies and culture, it refers to being in an inbetween state. As a nepantlera myself, I appreciate the suburbs as a sort of borderland that bridges urban and rural environments, political ideologies, industry and nature, etc. MAMA BIRD is an ongoing project to examine the suburbs through this metaphor which includes a 26-pg bound book with illustrations by my 2 yr-old and a sound installation that remixes bird sounds and the violin to interpret Leonard Cohen’s famous folk song.


this thin edge of barbwire, 2017

This book is a documentation of the process of firing a 20-gauge shotgun at a limestone boulder to carve text from a Gloria E. Anzaldúa poem, “This is her home, this thin edge of barbwire.”


Notes from the Field, 2015 and 2016

Publication in two volumes documenting creative acts and site-based research in rural spaces throughout Colorado.

Collaborators include: Michael Foster, Britney Hofer, Nicole Krou, Ben McQuillan, Melissa Sclafani, Matt Smith, Aaron Treher