Five Points

This work was made during my time living/working in Five Points neighborhood of El Paso, TX while in residence at the Border Art Residency. I spent my days walking the streets and alleys within a 2-3 mile radius from the studio. On these walks I found artifacts and images that spoke to issues of this moment in time ranging from the local to global: immigration policy at the US/Mex. border, child detention centers in Texas, green energy politics, side affects of capitalist consumerism, and second amendment politics. They are also evidence of the resilience and innovation of El Paso’s and Ciudad Juárez’s community.

Unbeknownst to me until leaving, there’s a saying about El Paso: “you have to wear out a pair of shoes to love it here”. This body of work includes drawing, writing, and photographs that share a story of my experience falling in love with El Paso. More than than my own personal affinity or acts of the imagination, this work provides documentation of Five Points in early 2021.