Desert Rose

Hand-forged steel, cast porcelain, coal dust, paint, cotton, embroidery thread, paper, single-channel video


This project borrows from a rich childhood memory of lighting luminaria at Christmastime. Using paper bags and tea light candles, this tradition transformed our yard for a few nights in December. I altered the traditional luminaria by transforming them from a low-brow throw away (paper lunch sacks) into a high art material (fine porcelain) as a nod to this tradition and a gesture that points to their impermanence. These porcelain luminaria are fit as sconces on a large-scale, hand-forged, unfunctional chandelier. The chandelier sits on the ground, unwired and immobile. This sculpture samples from the mundane and the ornate, the sculptural and the functional to create a hybrid object that sits inbetween definable characteristics.